IVRAI.US NSA Dashboard/Command Center
TitleDescriptionLocationStart DateEnd Date
Operation Silent DawnInfiltrate the cyber defenses of a rogue state to gather intelligence on their nuclear capabilities. Avoid detection and extract critical data.North Korea2024-07-012024-07-14
Ghost ProtocolDisrupt the communication network of a terrorist organization plotting an imminent attack on European soil. Ensure zero trace of the operation.Belgium2024-07-052024-07-20
Eagle's NestCapture high-value target in the Middle East responsible for funding anti-western military factions. Plan a covert extraction under the guise of darkness.Syria2024-07-102024-07-25
Operation Deep BlueDeploy underwater drones to intercept and decode enemy submarine communications in the Arctic Circle. Gather intel on new submarine technologies.Arctic Circle2024-07-152024-07-30
Cyber MirageConduct a sophisticated false flag cyber operation against rival intelligence services to mask our own network vulnerabilities and trace source of recent breaches.Russia2024-07-202024-08-04
Viper StrikeNeutralize a newly discovered chemical weapons facility deep within the jungle. Use stealth to approach and secure the area.Brazil2024-08-012024-08-15
Polar ShadowInvestigate reports of illegal oil drilling in the Antarctic. Gather evidence and leave without confrontation.Antarctica2024-08-022024-08-16
Desert FalconRecover stolen military blueprints from a convoy passing through desert terrain. Use sandstorms as cover.Saudi Arabia2024-08-032024-08-17
Nightcrawler OperationPlant surveillance devices in the embassy during a high-profile diplomatic party. Maintain cover as event staff.France2024-08-042024-08-18
Ironclad DefensePrevent the assassination of a key political figure during an international peace summit. Identify and neutralize threats discreetly.Switzerland2024-08-052024-08-19
Quantum LeapSteal quantum computing prototypes from a heavily guarded tech facility. Ensure the technology does not fall into rival hands.China2024-08-062024-08-20
Spectral VoicesDecrypt intercepted communications suggesting a possible coup. Use counter-intelligence tactics to thwart the plot.Venezuela2024-08-072024-08-21
Urban PhantomDisable a city’s surveillance system to aid in the extraction of a double agent. Avoid collateral damage to maintain public safety.Russia2024-08-082024-08-22
Neptune’s SpearSeize control of a rogue submarine threatening to launch ballistic missiles. Board covertly from a disguised fishing vessel.North Atlantic2024-08-092024-08-23
Crimson TideInvestigate a corrupt corporation funneling money to paramilitary groups. Infiltrate their headquarters and extract financial records.Nigeria2024-08-102024-08-24
Titan's GambitSecure a prototype defense satellite from a private aerospace company before it is auctioned to a hostile nation.USA2024-09-302024-10-14
Blackout HeistSabotage a power grid during a national crisis to prevent enemy communication. Act under the cover of the outage.Pakistan2024-09-012024-09-15
IcebreakerExtract a deep-cover operative frozen out of communication in Siberia. Provide exfil before enemy forces converge.Siberia2024-09-022024-09-16
Silk WebDisrupt an illegal arms trade network on the Silk Road. Intercept shipments and gather intel on syndicate leaders.Kazakhstan2024-09-032024-09-17
Dune WhisperTrack down a missing journalist who uncovered secrets about a desert warlord. Rescue and extract to a safe house.Mali2024-09-042024-09-18
SkyfallNeutralize a satellite that is being used to intercept global communications. Implement a cyber-attack from a covert mobile unit.Australia2024-09-052024-09-19
Crimson MaskInfiltrate a masquerade ball to retrieve encrypted data from a diplomat’s secure briefcase without alerting security.Italy2024-09-062024-09-20
Echoes of the PastSecure ancient artifacts from being sold to fund terrorist activities. Operate discreetly within archaeological sites.Egypt2024-09-072024-09-21
Titan DepthsInvestigate underwater anomalies detected near a foreign naval base. Deploy specialized submersibles to gather covert intel.South China Sea2024-09-082024-09-22
Phoenix AscendAssist in the defection of a high-ranking scientist possessing vital information on biological weapons.North Korea2024-09-092024-09-23
Glacier VeilSurvey glacial movements which may reveal hidden nuclear test sites. Conduct the mission under environmental research cover.Greenland2024-09-102024-09-24
Wraith’s EchoNeutralize a cyber-warfare base operating from a decommissioned lighthouse. Engage in electronic jamming to cover your tracks.Norway2024-09-112024-09-25
Opal GatePrevent the smuggling of rare opals that finance insurgent operations. Blend into local miners and sabotage the operation.Australia2024-09-122024-09-26
Harbinger’s CallDecode a mysterious signal emanating from an abandoned observatory, suspected of being a covert communication hub.Chile2024-09-132024-09-27
Sands of TimeRetrieve an ancient manuscript which holds the key to a lost civilization before it falls into extremist hands.Iraq2024-09-142024-09-28
Veil of MistCapture images of a secret meeting through advanced long-range photography. Remain hidden in the nearby misty highlands.Scotland2024-09-152024-09-29
Pandora’s BoxStop a group from unleashing a dangerous virus during a major international sporting event. Infiltrate and neutralize the threat.Japan2024-10-162024-10-30